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Boozy Chocolate Truffles

Booze and chocolate, two of our favorite things. Why not combine them for a festive treat?


9 oz good quality chocolate

3/4 cup heavy cream

2-4 tablespoons alcohol (depending of desired strength)

Desired topping

(Makes two dozen truffles)

Give the chocolate a rough chop, the smaller the pieces the easier they melt. Heat the cream slowly, stirring often to prevent burning. Once the cream is warmed thoroughly, pour over the chocolate in a large mixing bowl and add alcohol. Stir until the mixture is silky smooth. Refrigerate until the ganache has set. Spoon small amounts, roll with your hands, working quickly. Roll in desired topping. Refrigerate. Also, can be frozen for weeks.


Left- Spring44 Mountain Gin, dark chocolate and coconut flakes

Middle- Spring44 Gin, dark chocolate and pistachio

Right- Spring44 Vodka, milk chocolate and crushed candy cane

Other pairing suggestions:

- Spring44 Old Tom Gin, dark chocolate, caramel drizzle and flake sea salt

- Spring44 Vodka, milk chocolate and espresso powder

- Spring44 Gin, dark chocolate and crushed freeze dried raspberries

- Spring44 Gin, white chocolate and lime zest

- Spring44 Honey Vodka, milk chocolate and decorative sprinkles


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