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Bar Cart Essentials

Build Your Bar Cart

There's a method to the bar cart. Our Diana gives you a few tips to make yours both functional and beautiful in the video below.


No bar cart would be complete without Spring44. Vodka and Gin are both staples on any good cart. Honey Vodka is a great brunch base. Our Old Tom Gin acts as both a gin and a whiksey. Don't forget the rum, whiskey, tequila or brandy to round out your offerings.


Keep a bottle of your favorite red and white on hand.


We recommend a stylish low ball glass for most cocktails. Coupe glasses are also great for smaller more delicate cocktails. And you'll need some glasses for your wine, be they fancy stemmed or jam jars.

Mixers (tonic, club soda, seltzer water)

Your options for mixers are endless. Tonic, club soda and seltzer waters are great to top cocktails and add some bubbles.


Angostura Bitters are a classic. The aromatic bitters add complexity and can even counteract the harshness of spirits. There are many flavors of bitters available but ango or orange bitters will work in most all cocktails.


Good to keep some basic modifiers on hand for the classics - martinis, negronis, etc. We're thinking vermouth, St. Germain, Campari, Aperol and specialty liqueurs.


A must-have for most cocktails and contributes to good biceps. :)


This is helpful for muddling berries, mint, and more to add flavor to your creation.


Measure our your ingredients perfectly with a jigger. A bar tool necessity.


Citrus adds both a pop of color to your bar cart and an instant garnish to your cocktails. Fill a decorative bowl with lemons and limes. Make sure you have a peeler close by so you can add a fragrant orange peel to your Old Tom Gin Old Fashioned.

Ice bucket

Especially helpful if you love hosting people, the ice is right there and you won't be running to the kitchen every time someone needs a drink.

Extra Mile Bar Cart

Cocktail recipe book

Small art

Decanter for wine


Tray for carrying cocktails

Paring knife

Cutting board


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