The Old Town Spice Shop in Fort Collins, Colorado supplies our juniper berries. In 1985 the Godbey family moved to Colorado. In September 2010 the spice shop idea was created. 65 days after deciding to start the business, the Old Town Spice Shop opened in Fort Collins. Instead of investing in a franchise the Godbey family decided to start their own business, which allows them to partner with the community of northern Colorado. They fresh grind their spices to ensure they are as fresh as possible for their customers. 

The Old Town Spice shop is a supporter of other small businesses in Colorado and have a great sense of Colorado community. They even cater their spices to the taste of the locals finding spice combinations great for local vegetables, livestock and

lots of heat for those Coloradans who like it spicy!

Check out their website for spices, sauces, gifts, list of available spices and even their blog.

Click here to see one of their blog posts about great summer cocktail ideas!


  • The juniper berry is actually not a berry, but a modified conifer seed cone. They are unusually fleshy giving them the berry like appearance. 

  • There are multiple species of juniper berries including even some toxic ones. 

  • Juniper has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. In ancient Greece they used juniper berries not only as spices and medicine but they believe it increased physical stamina in athletes so the berries were used in the Olympic games.

  • Juniper berries were even found in ancient Egypt in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Juniper berries were not known to grow in Egypt so it is believed they came from Greece. 

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